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Size 90cm x 60cm
Medium acrylic on canvas
Price Original not for sale
In all of my painting the process of production is as important as the end result. When I paint I feel I reach into my ‘core being’ – the essence of me as God made me. This painting has many layers – literally and figuratively. I like the idea of painting one colour over another, so that parts are concealed and parts are revealed. On one level the painting is about me, and my desire to find my true spirit amongst all the thoughts, experiences and emotions which get in the way (the ego). These are the layers of different colours and lines. I wanted to give a feeling of bursting out – or perhaps dancing out of things that tie me down. It is also about God’s Spirit shining through me – joined with my own, and making me who I am. God’s Spirit is like light to me – hence the Gold paint – but it is also life and breath. On one of the layers I literally blew the wet paint around to create an interesting colour effect– it reminded me of God’s breath (Spirit) in Creation. The golden lines also remind me of the wave patterns of ‘lifelines’ on medical monitors – and I like the idea that my spirit resonates with God’s Spirit to make a strong ‘pulse’ I was also thinking about God’s light shining out in the world as well as within myself, and I added some salt to represent God s salt and light to the world. God’s Spirit touches our spirits and confirms who we really are. We know who He is and we know who we are: Father and children. Romans 8:16 From The Message version of the New Testament - Eugene H. Peterson 1993
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